A GNU/Windows distribution with package manager.

Consists of open source applications natively ported to Windows platform.


  • GTK+/GNOME applications (when complete): Pidgin, Evolution, Gimp and more.
  • Development tools (ready): MinGW GCC/gdb, MSYS, GTK+, git, cvs
  • Package manager (ready): graphical cygwin-like.
  • The distribution has dual point:

  • to add package manager to Windows platform for open source applications;
  • to give easy set up development environment: MinGW GCC, MSYS, GTK+.
  • Details.

  • cygwin-like installer (package manager) and online repository (with mirror support) for open source applications;
  • all applications/libraries are compiled natively with MinGW GCC.
  • will include software from MinGW/MSYS, GTK+, GNOME, GnuWin32, GPG projects.
  • Motivation.

  • I was badly annoyed to build MinGW development environment from every single package. It was so huge contrast from current Linux distributions.
  • Another annoyance is inability of system to track new versions of already installed software. Hence the desperate need in package manager.
  • This distribution should ease life of developers involved in creation of cross platform applications - *NIX/Windows/...

    More up to date details will be placed in wiki

    TakeoffGW should soon look like on the screenshot below (all the app shown are known to built with MinGW): Future TakeoffGW look